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    Hey Justine! Long(-ish) time no see~ Happy Birthday! All the best from your boyfriend’s older bro, wishing you an awesome day today. Remember na andito lang ako if you guys need support (nothing romantic-like or personal-like, problema nyo na ‘yun) in the event you need to kick some 3rd party’s ass Best wishes! Have a great one!


  2. Happy birthday, Justine! OMG you’re 19 years old, now! Hope you have/had an amazing day! I’ve only known you for a really short amount of time, but you already feel like the big sister I’ve never had. You’re my favourite of my brother’s girlfriends, honestly. After you left on that day I met you in UP, my brother asked me what I thought of you, I literally said grinning, “I love her!” He was waiting for a but, but nothing ever followed—I didn’t have anything negative to say! I’ve never been like that with anyone else, seriously… Ask Jeri if you want, he’ll tell you it’s true… Feel special! Hahaha anyway, he’s rushing me to write this, so it shouldn’t be much longer. Thank you for being a really good girlfriend to my brother—he’s totally smitten with you hehe—and thank you for having my back. I hope you continue to be the amazing person who I’ve come to know, I wish you all the best for the years to follow. Happy, happy birthday, and may many more come your way! Love you xx

  3. Hi Justine! Happy birthday! Thank you for always taking selfies with my phone and for making us laugh and for being a great person in general. I hope the past two years of being friends with me have been fantastic for you, because they have certainly been so for me. I don’t know what else to say because I suck at these things and I’m really bad at being a friend and a good person. I’d wish you luck in your endeavours, but I’m not that sort of person. So just continue getting the best from life and remember to be awesome forevs!

    P.S. Apply ka na sa CommResSoc para fun lels.

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    Hi Just! Happy 19th birthday <3 Tangina ka bakit niyo ako iniwan dito. Can’t believe I’m not gonna see you for two months huhubells ;___; anyway, you know I’m always here for you if you need anything: a shoulder to cry on, a person to make you laugh (oo, funny ako wag ka magkontra), a drinking buddy, and more! chos ano yung more? HAHAHA anyway, love u 5ever and enjoy your day >:D<

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    Happy Birthday Justine! So today you’re turning 19 and I wanna wish you a great day today! Please stay being the happy, jolly, funny, positive person that I know you are, (although I don’t know you that well) I hope you have a fun and wonderful birthday and great rest of your summer! And maybe someday, you can come over again! Hihi


    Yssa xoxo

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    Everdearest hustina, so ano ngang okasyon? hahahaha charot HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY mah nigguh! hahahahaha 19 ka na, one more year and boom! panes ka na. charot hahahahahahahaha samuka ko mag msg uy. oks manoks, serious mode na. let’s skip ze thank yew thank yew cos alm mo naman tlgang thankful ako sa atng friendshp and all. Stay just ze way you are! I wish you happiness and long long long life! Hantud ikaw nalang mabilin dri sa mundong ibabaw. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Always remember that distance will never be a hindrance in our friendshp! Love you to the moon and back! God bless you our future Korina Sanchez! Mwamwa

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    The perfect summary of our relationship. Happy birthday and stay- er- strong. and independent. More wisdom!!! hehe.

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    Justine! Happy, happy birthday! Kahit minsan hindi ko maintindihan kung galit ka talaga or nagaacting-acting-an ka lang haha love na love pa rin kita! Happy birthday Mambs :))

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    Hey bruha! You’re such a grandma na! I miss you lots! Don’t get pregnant! Muahaha love you!


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    Hey Hustinaaaa! Omg parang bago lang na you “accidentaly” drunk called this guy that fateful night then ngayon he’s the one na gamake na ng surprise for you! hahahaha =))))Anyways, Happy happy 19th birthday, Just!! You’re one of the my closest friends na murag dili gyud gachange despite everything. I indeed admire the fact na our friendship remained the same na kung magkita kay same old buang gihapon (*ehem*Baiiiiii, gasuka me now*ehem*You may leave nowwwwww) hahaha! As you turn a year older, I pray that God will give you wisdom and guidance for you to succeed in every endeavor you’ll take. Remember that your family and friends especially BNB will always be here to support you no matter what. I love you in most cheesiest way besh! Again, happy birthday!

    PS: forgive the cropped pic, its our most recent photo kasi! :)) And!!! Since you’re here in Davao, party party partyyyyy!!!!

    Sammeh ❤


To Our Dearest Justine,

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